Obesity Surgery

Gastric Balloon

The Gastric Balloon is a saline-filled silicone balloon with a radiopaque valve that can be seen on x-rays. This procedure is a day case procedure where the inflated Gastric Balloon floats in the stomach meaning that persons feels satisfied, like after eating, and only a small amount of food makes the person feel full. This restricts the appetite and thus aids with weight loss. The balloon is put into position endoscopically.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery combines reducing the size of the stomach and also bypassing part of the small intestine. The reduction in the size of the stomach means that's less food is consumed and the bypassing of part of the small intestine results in less food being absorbed into the body.

Gastric Band

The Gastric Band is an adjustable device which is placed around the upper stomach. On the inner surface of the Gastric Band device, there is a balloon which can be inflated and deflated post-operatively by injecting a small amount of fluid into a port located under the skin. Above the band, a small gastric pouch is formed capable of holding only a small amount of food and below the band is the main part of the stomach.

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